Lemon - Management Systems for Engineering Projects

Lemon is one of the biggest engineering + architecture companies in the market, with accounts from Burguer King©, and other major brands.

The Main Requirement was: Develop a simple + user-friendly Web solutions that could controls all the Project workflow phases, including the client phases within the project.

The Solution: Developed a HTML5/Ajax solution fully distributed between the client and the consumer, implementing principles of easy of use, and environment portability.


Doritos - The worst of the summer

Client: Doritos - ID.


Estrela - Cara a Cara

Client: Estrela
Agency: DM9DDB.

Software Factory

As a Software Factory we define standards and methods (e.g. RAD, Scrum and RUP®) to better implement and deliver high quality solutions. Our methods includes a set of tools that help manage a complete software Life Cycle, beginning at the foundation and going to a complete well-custom solution.


As an Atelier of Solutions we use the best practices that exist in both worlds. By doing that, we achieve greater results for our customers+(and)+friends & client+(and)+friends.

Production Agency

We also are a strong hand for technology in marketing agencies. We help achieve greater branding results using well verified standards, like Augment Reality, HTML5 animations, Social Networking, and Games + Apps. Because of that, ee can deliver efficient solutions in a fewer time, without compromising the quality of the "final product".

We don't think ourselves as a Software Factory or as a Production Agency. We try to solve our clients demands implementing the concepts of a Solutions Atelier, where ideas can become alive, so clients can transform their rough thoughts into real world scenarios. Saying that, and using the best technological standards, patterns, and methods that is, we can "achieve" a new and different position in the market. Using what's best between these two worlds, we aim to deliver the best technological solutions. Those are our main principals and we work very hard to reach these standards. Quality and Innovation are the two adjectives that define what we do. So, by resuming, we don't just develop new and custom tech solutions, but we deliver a completely new experience for clients+(and)+friends.

Interaction is the most important requirement for companies that want to increase their strengths:
  • Branded Games,
  • Social Games,
  • 2D / 3D design and implementation,
  • Live & Digital (Integration with other techs, like Geo-Localization, streaming or even a PDV),
  • HTML5 and JS Banners,
  • Apps for Facebook and mobile: iOS and Android "native", or using frameworks like PhoneGap or Unity.
  • Development of a new or redesigned Web, Micro/Hot, Broad sites, Rich midia, e-Commerce, using the best solutions available in the market today, e.g. HTML5/XHTML, CSSv3, XML+JSON, REST+full, Ajax Async requests, jQuery, WebGL, and a few others that would be to extensive and boring to put it here.
    * All the solutions developed by our team are Web Responsible, for both Browsers and Tablets.
    We have two approaches to develop and design iOS and Android Apps: One using native code (COCOA Objective-C or Java), and other using frameworks (PhoneGap, Unity, or Corona). The selection direction (native or framework) is based on specific client needs, that are identified during the project requirements and elicitation.
    We develop and implement post-production videos, motion graphics, and 2D/3D animations, including the following:
    Projection mapping, Interactive Videos, Info-graphics, animations, and others.
    Our team have a strong expertise in development systems and integration bridges, and also for both front and back office implementations.
    Our team consists of PHDs and experienced professionals, that worked in major Software Companies and brands, including IBM or Oracle, developing tools and implementing tools for integration, using major technologies definitions. Few of our proactive skills are: Java, C/C++, NFC, Objective-C, Perl and Python.
    We are an IBM Business Partner and as such, we can deliver services for IBM products like Rational®, or WebSphere®.
    To know more about the WebSphere® software we support, please click here.
    As a SAGE® Profissional Business Partner we implement and develop solutions for SMEs and MidMarket Enterprises. Depending on the client's LoB, we have solutions for Retails, Restauration, Countability & Banking, HR, and fully integrated solutions with X3.
    We also have a complete integration solutions using NFC smart Tags for dinners & restaurants using SAGE's GesRestII software. Please contact us to know more about it.

    Craft!Solutions Portugal

    Tel: +351 220.108.044
    Casa do Farol - Escritório 2.10
    Rua Paulo da Gama
    4169-006 Porto

    Craft!Solutions Brasil

    Tel: +55 11 3280.1712
    Rua Piaui, 248, cj.31
    Higienopolis, São Paulo, Brasil

    Craft!Solutions, is located at Portugal and Brasil. The company was created in 2010 by IT and Marketing professionals, and today, because of that, can deliver digital demands for both these worlds: IT and Marketing.

    More then Clients
    Partners & friends...


    On Craft we believe that our clients begin their relationship based on a solid and strong Corporate Partnership, totally inclusive and business driven. So, by considering that, we use as a "work basis" a continue evolution process, and we believe that with hard work, integration, and most important, Fidelization and Quality, a long term friendship relationship can be established.

    "The Worst of the summer" - Doritos

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    Claudio Novaes

    Portfolio Site

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    Lemon - Management System

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    e-Commerce Site.

    Estrela - DM9DDB

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    Coral - Leo Burnett

    All in colors São Paulo. Click here to see it.

    Amadeus Choir & Orchestra


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    A New Idea for Services

    Toowi is a virtual town where users can interact with each other and save their favorite interests. With Toowi the only thing someone needs to do is combine services in a single city profile. Toowi combines a set of services in one single platform, and solutions are fully virtualized within it.

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    The Evolution of Comics

    A complete social solutions for Comics. Users can easily publish, animate, sell it, comment, and sponsor their work as a real professional artists. To know more information about GiBX, visit: www.gibx.me.

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    Be Notice!

    In an increasing world of communications and technology, brands need to identify their customers as exact as it's possible. Actions must be taken, like manage surveys, getter enduser statistics, and finally optimization. Benotif works that magic by managing PUSH notifications in different platforms (Web and Mobile), giving the brand new statistics results.

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